Punk Rock, Hip Hop, and Grime: The Cheeky BOB VYLAN at Barbablu!

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One more added to Devilstone discoveries - BOB VYLAN, one of the most exciting alternative acts in the UK, who are rapidly gaining recognition due to their energetic and provocative live shows. Their work combines punk rock, hip hop, and grime motives with socially aware lyrics - the band actively speaks out against racism, injustice, and social inequality.

Founded in 2017, the duo is raising a storm in the UK music scene with their strong message and shocking performances. BOB VYLAN is sparking discussions and is among the most intriguing alternative musicians today.

Straightforward, poignant, provocative; harsh guitars and sharp vocals, compositions shifting between hip hop and aggressive hardcore - these anarchists from London create fierce emotions.

Live at the thirteenth Devilstone, Barbablu stage.

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