OPEN CALL – Devilstone invites performers and artists!

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Mass Hypnosis, area dedicated to the ARTS in Devilstone, features everything that does not fit into the music frame: installations, workshops, contemporary theatre, dance, acrobatics, cabaret performances, slam poetry, body art and other forms of creative self-expression.

Devilstone INVITES ARTISTS of all formats to its ART stage: performers of different genres, installation artists, workshop developers, you-name-it.

All are welcome: beginners looking for a space for their work, and professionals who want to perform for the audience of alternative music and arts.

You are very welcome, please introduce yourself by filling in this application: DEVILSTONE PERFORM.

You can propose your initiatives for this open call until 20 May.

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Photo: Eimantas Žeimys

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Photo: Domantas Kvedaras

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Photo: Mykolas Juodelė

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Photo: Eimantas Žeimys
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