On Devilstone’s West Stage – EVIL INVADERS

evil invaders naujiena
  • EVIL INVADERS return to the West stage for Devilstone 2022.
  • Tight leather, moustaches, & fun thrash-speed metal.

All grown up and with an even bigger fanbase, EVIL INVADERS return to Devilstone’s West stage. If you’ve been at Devilstone 2014 – you know them. If not – we envy you the feeling of discovery : ).

These Belgians pack quite a punch by mixing the classic styles of metal music: heavy, thrash, progressive, old-school death… No doubt they’re currently the coolest new-generation thrash/speed collective in Europe. Insane energy, impeccable instrument mastery, and truly heavy rock’n’roll. Best experienced live, so you better book your spot at the West stage in advance.


The band’s third album Shattering Reflection is to be released next week, on the 1st of April. The first reviews say that it’s a very versatile record. What does it mean exactly – we can’t wait to find out as well.

EVIL INVADERS. Devilstone 2022. 14th-17th of July. Anykščiai.

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