Gothic Metal Standard-Bearers MOONSPELL at Devilstone 2023

moonspell naujiena

MOONSPELL – Portugal’s best known heavy music act of all times and surely the most successful music export from the country, is to perform at Devilstone’s West stage.

Having defined the very essence of gothic metal, MOONSPELL still hold their fame and glory even after three decades. Their first releases back in 1992 leaned towards black metal with folk influences, though as years moved on, MOONSPELL moved towards the atmospheric and the gothic which they still foster today.

The band has released thirteen albums to date and each is an epitome of growth and development. Their newest, Hermitage (2021), is very well loved for its dark and etching melodies, flawlessly matched with gothic influences and their signature gloomy, mesmerizing atmosphere.

MOONSPELL is melodic, passionate, saturated with bleak themes and feelings expressed via Fernando Ribeiro’s profound lyrics, leading through the depths of the human psyche. Inclusive of different kinds of heavy influences, MOONSPELL’s work is timeless.

Their live concerts are spectacles full of horror and mystique, creating a vampiric world full of subtle sensuality and sinful erotica.

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