Get to Know Them: NOTHING, NEW CANDYS, and SWAIN at Devilstone's East Stage

nothing naujiena 2022
  • On the East Stage - three bands with long and colourful stories: NEW CANDYS, NOTHING, and SWAIN.

Arriving all the way from Venice, NEW CANDYS first got together ten years ago. During the years their sound evolved from psychedelic rock to dark, modern rock'n'roll, combining raucous moods and bright melodies in synergy with carefully curated visuals.

NEW CANDYS come with their newest release, Vyvyd, which stands out with it's other-worldly themes, sounds, and pagan archetypes. Get ready to be lost in the obscure mist of odd guitars and ominous rhythms:


NOTHING could be called the most unfortunate band in the world: violence, prison, debts, deaths, and the collapse of their record label. But from tragedy comes triumph...

The shoegazers from Philadelphia skate the edge between sharp hardcore melodies and subtle dreampop rhythms accompanied by sincere lyrics about fear, anxiety, and other inner struggles – but always with a healthy sense of humour.


SWAIN first stepped on the stage under a different moniker – THIS ROUTINE IS HELL. Once this period was over, these Dutch guys moved to Berlin and started over as a grunge quartet, transforming the aggressive sound of their early days into introverted, mysteriously dancing harmonies.

SWAIN hold their past close, as their current sound could have only developed from their early chapters. Their melancholic grunge ballads are heavy with hardcore and rock'n'roll:


See NEW CANDYS, NOTHING, and SWAIN on Devilstone's East stage this summer, 14th to 17th of July.

Ticket price rises on the 16th of May. Get yours early: DEVILSTONE TICKETS.

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