Doom Metal Visionaries MONOLORD at Devilstone 2022

monolord naujiena
  • On the East Stage - Doom metal trio from Gothenburg, MONOLORD.
  • Viscous, slow, and hypnotising music.

Loud, heavy, and slow – that’s the Swedes MONOLORD. For the bigger part of the last decade, this trio has been busy with compiling properly striking beats which are even better live.

Their rise towards the front of doom metal was quick but well deserved. Authentic sound, vicious guitar riffs, and the crushing weight associated with the genre – all you need for a hypnotising musical trip.


But that’s not all that there is to MONOLORD. Each song will shake you up, each one has its own vibe and uniqueness. With every new album (and there have been five of them in the last seven years), the band add something new to their creations, be it unpredictable tempos or more severe tones.

MONOLORD comes on the East Stage with their pandemic creation Your Time to Shine which tells how they’re feeling in the world right now…


Hear them at Devilstone 2022. 14th-17th of July.

Grab yours early: Devilstone Tickets.

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