Devil is Fine: ZEAL & ARDOR is Coming Back!

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Photo: Samuel Morris.
  • You probably know them already.
  • Black metal, avantgarde, gospel, blues, soul.

ZEAL & ARDOR was supposed to be one of those short-term projects, abandoned in the vast realms of the Internet after it served its purpose, but it turned out quite the opposite: this act still gets millions of hits online and their third album is receiving praise for being their strongest work to date.


Black metal darkness, blues instrumentals, and extensive vocals might appear quite an odd combination at first; however, ZEAL & ARDOR has shown us all that it’s possible to make them work together.

Industrial rhythms, soft guitars, harsh guitars, blood & fire - ZEAL & ARDOR’s frontman Manuel Gagneux refuses to keep it simple. Drawing inspiration from various sorts of black metal acts, blues, and soul, Manuel explores his own rich heritage at the same time: Swiss, American, black, white; all these aspects are synthesised in ZEAL & ARDOR’s diverse musical output.


ZEAL & ARDOR’s latest, self-titled release fully reveals the band’s extravagant nature. See for yourself how great it is – live this summer at Anykščiai.

Get your tickets: Devilstone Tickets.

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