Current Love or Obsession-Soon-To-Be: CROWS at Devilstone

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  • Either you’re a die-hard fan now, or they’ll become your new best discovery of this summer.
  • Intense live concerts are their specialty. CROWS can be hard to handle.

Rowdy live performances, where not only guitars but bones are (sometimes) broken and similarly noisy records, made while playing hide-and-seek with knives in their hands. The well-known post-punk quartet from London, CROWS, will show off their gloomy vibes at Devilstone 2022. If you like guitars, you’ll like this:


CROWS have supported such acts as WOLF ALICE, SLAVES, METZ, and accompanied IDLES on their UK tour. You could say that they’re lucky, though CROWS sometimes call themselves ‘the most cursed band ever’. Their journey began by jumping from one record label to the next, some seven thousand pounds worth of equipment was stolen from their tour bus three years ago, and finally, like many artists, CROWS got hit hard by the pandemic, when tickets and visas to SXWS had to be put away…


But any challenge can be dealt with, and CROWS did just that - Devilstone 2022 will witness their newest release Beware Believers, an exceptionally gritty and heavy record, not at all shying away from post-Brexit topics. The band has surely found their own special formula, with just enough variety and expressive lyrics to make their music a pleasant journey for the senses.

CROWS hold live concerts a priority - and they’re intense as nothing else, might be hard to handle!

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