CARPENTER BRUT Confirmed for Devilstone 2023

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The thirteenth edition of the alternative music resort Devilstone extends an invitation to meet the French synthwave sensation, CARPENTER BRUT.

Led by Franck Huesco, CARPENTER BRUT has conquered the world with its unique fusion of metal and electronic music. Every new release, as well as expressive live performances, are highly regarded by fans and reviewers alike.

CARPENTER BRUT absolutely excels at combining retrofuturistic synths with fuzz guitars and powerful rhythms, creating a nostalgic-but-fresh sound as a result. It all started with an intent to join horror movie soundtracks, metal, and aggressive electronic beats together. The title CARPENTER BRUT is also a nod to this - it’s made up from the surname of John Carpenter, the master of horror himself, and the champagne Charpentier Brut.

CARPENTER BRUT’s music is described as “a soundtrack for an 80’s horror movie which was never made” and each live performance is an impeccable spectacle of image and sound, enriched by intense visuals and precise lighting.

Famous for its one-of-a-kind sound and vibrant live shows, CARPENTER BRUT is for sure the brightest highlight of the East stage and a strong contender to become one of the most exciting Devilstone experiences.


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