An Astonishing Discovery at Devilstone’s East Stage: JUST MUSTARD

just mustard naujiena panorama

A brilliant up-and-coming act from Ireland JUST MUSTARD is a strong contender to be the brightest highlight at the East stage. Their unique sound drifts somewhere in between shoegaze, post-punk, and noise, creating a sense of bewitching, atmospheric disquiet.

Both their debut, Wednesday, and the second release, Tuesday, are highly regarded for softly-sung, slow-tempoed melancholic melodies intertwined with noisy and expressive guitars. Because of their one-of-a-kind creativity, this quintet from a small town of Dundalk didn’t remain unknown for long and already are frequenting stages well far away from home.

Kate Ball’s hypnotic vocals and David Noonan’s experimental guitar build a gloomy aura but there’s a lot of beauty too. Devilstone 2023 is due to witness an absolute thrill of a performance. See JUST MUSTARD at the East stage on Saturday.

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