masine hipnoze panorama 2022

The festival’s art space for exhibitions and performances, Mass Hypnosis, features artists’ works, installations, dance and various kinds of body performances, poetry readings, body-art workshops and other creative acts, combining various forms of expression: colour, sound, movement, thought, imagination...

Mass Hypnosis invites initiatives from a wide range of creators: emerging artists looking for a space for their work, and at the same time well-known professional artists who want to perform for an alternative music and art audience.

MH 2022 theme: HIDE & SEEK

Artists are invited to the Devilstone art space programme. You can submit your work for the exhibition or propose a stage performance, workshop, installation etc. Submissions are accepted until 16 May.

Application for performances, workshops: PERFORM.

#DVLSTN #massHypnosis

MH kazimieras seselgis 1

Foto: Kazimieras Šešelgis

MH Deividas Buivydas3

Foto: Deividas Buivydas

MH Deividas Buivydas11

Foto: Deividas Buivydas

MH eimantas zeimys

Foto: Eimantas Žeimys

mh deividas buivydas 22

Foto: Deividas Buivydas

mh ieva voguliene

Foto: Ieva Vogulienė

mh ignas avizinis

Foto: Ignas Avižinis

mh agne papievyte

Foto: Agnė Papievytė

mh joana suslaviciute

Foto: Joana Sulavičiūtė

mh ieva voguliene 2

Foto: Ieva Vogulienė

mh kazimieras seselgis 4

Foto: Kazimieras Šešelgis

MH kazimieras seselgis 2

Foto: Kazimieras Šešelgis

mh ieva voguliene 3

Foto: Ieva Vogulienė

mh joana suslaviciute 2

Foto: Joana Suslavičiūtė

MH kazimieras seselgis 3

Foto: Kazimieras Šešelgis

MH vaidas pupelis 1

Foto: Vaidas Pupelis

mh linas zukauskas

Foto: Linas Žukauskas

MH vaidas pupelis 2

Foto: Vaidas Pupelis

MH vidas cerniauskas 1

Foto: Vidas Černiauskas

mh rasa dambrauskaite

Foto: Rasa Dambrauskaitė

mh aiste tiriute

Foto: Aistė Tiriūtė